There are only a handful of NYC Carpenters and New Jersey Carpenters who provide a combination of high quality carpentry services at reasonable rates. ABI Contracting Corp is among the few, who do it, very successfully. Come to us for indoors and outdoors quality carpentry services and you will not be disappointed. We provide custom woodwork, cabinet making, and general contracting services – all at reasonable prices. No compromise in the quality of craftsmanship, or in the quality of the raw materials used.  Our repeat customers and testimonials will vouch for the quality of our work.

Your average Carpenter NYC or NJ Carpenters will not be able to give you the range of services we provide and that too at attractive rates. We are trained to handle any kind of work.  We can renovate your kitchen cabinets, make your drawing room furniture look good, re-do your child’s bedroom and fix your fence. No problem is too big for us. Our motto is – if its woodwork, we can do it. We are also familiar with wall room finishes, decorative finishes and faux finishes. We help you make a home out of your house. To help you get that distinctive home like feel, we collaborate closely with other architects, interior designers, decorators and of course you.

When it comes to your security and safety most New Jersey Carpenters and Carpenter NYC fail to meet the mark. We, on the other hand, are insured, bonded and certified. Have you ever heard other carpentry providers give this kind of expertise? Not only this, we make sure that you get the best raw materials by procuring from certified dealers only. No cost cutting for us when it comes to raw materials. Customer’s safety is paramount. Our craftsmen are hired from reputed agencies and we doubly check to see that there are no criminal records against them.

It is very difficult to find an establishment which provides everything you will ever need in carpentry under a single roof. For example, you may find many NJ Carpenters and NYC Carpenters providing construction services but try finding an establishment that provides consulting as well.

We provide you everything you will need related to carpentry – consulting, designing, drawing and construction management services across the board. We are a one stop solution for all your carpentry needs. No problem is too big for us. We can fabricate everything you require in our well stocked workshop. Minor repairs, major upgrades, remodeling your kitchen, furniture, bookcase, children’s bedroom, bookcases, shelf, wooden floors, wooden railings, custom carpentry – we offer best in class services at reasonable rates.

We understand our customer’s needs and aspirations. We try to go the extra mile to ensure a happy customer. No forcing our views on our customers. We listen to you and try our best to customize our solution to what you really need.  For us a happy customer is a satisfied customer.

Often customers complain about price escalations once the project is underway. This happens because your average carpentry services provider is poorly equipped to draw up a cost estimate. Our advantage is that we provide reliable price estimates ensuring no price escalations, timely completion of projects too, with excellent choice of building materials. You will not have to call back your carpenter for a long time to come, unless, of course, you need a new cabinet made.

We are the experts when it comes to residential and commercial carpentry services. Customer testimonials, reviews and the number of customer referrals prove that we are a tried and trusted name in carpentry. Call us if you need our expertise in kitchen remodeling, furniture making or any type of woodwork. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our services.

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