Electricity powers our home appliances, runs our television sets, illuminates our homes for us and provides a safe lighted environment for our children to play and study. But it is a hazard nevertheless which needs careful handling. At ABI Contracting Corp we provide a comprehensive package, which takes care of your household or commercial property.

At any moment there are thousands of Electricians NYC and Electricians NJ handling emergencies.  Most of these emergencies are minor in nature caused by a blown fuse or a malfunctioning switch. These may inconvenience you for a short while, but they are nothing like major emergencies which pose extreme hazard for your house and the people living in it. In either scenario you need a reliable electrician – Fast.

Sometimes it may happen that you call up your local Licensed Electrician NYC and find that nobody is available. This is a worst case scenario, but there are instances when this has happened, people have suffered due to this. We understand your predicament during an emergency.  We are available round the clock, because, as you very well know, an electrical emergency does wait for daybreak before it strikes. Our toll free numbers are open round the clock for emergencies just like this. We promise that you will not have to wait long for our emergency technicians to arrive.  More importantly they will make sure that the same issue does not happen twice. Your safety is our prime concern.

Most Electricians NJ and Electricians NYC specialize in one type of service. We offer line installation, emergency repairs, remodeling services, new construction services at a very short notice. Since it is very dangerous to send inexperienced technicians to sort out electrical problems, we hire only the best. Each of our employees has many hours of training behind them. They are also insured, bonded and certified.  Our comprehensive services can take care of any issue – residential or commercial in an efficient manner.

We use only the best quality switches, wiring, fuses which are compatible with industrial standards. The value of quality installations should not be lost on the customer because they bear the brunt when mishaps occur. A quality installation will often limit potential damage whereas a compromised install will simply exacerbate the damage. No wonder we make sure to double check before installing a switch or a fuse.

New York City is called the city that never sleeps but like any other big city in the world, there are blackouts. ABI Contracting Corp is fully trained to take care of such emergencies, when they arise. Qualified and punctual at all times, we are fully aware of NEC guidelines ensuring your safety. Some Licensed Electrician NYC or Electrician NJ may overcharge during an emergency, but not us. We treat all our customers with respect and the importance. No job is too little for us. We take care of your emergencies whether they are big or small. Quality is never compromised.  Deadlines are always met.

Above all, we are extremely serious when it comes to making our customers happy. All electricians take the extra time and effort to educate our customers on how to avoid electrical hazards and how to reduce their electricity bills by switching over to efficient systems of lighting. Little tips also help, like how to change the fuse, or how to use DIY kit. Little things like these help us to connect with our customers and help us deliver a hazard free environment. For more information call us now.

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