ABI Contracting Corp is the first choice of customers looking for quality wooden floors installation, refinishing and servicing. When it comes to your home, never compromise on quality and craftsmanship by choosing just any Flooring Service NYC provider, or you may end up with unsightly floors for a long time to come. The only way to insure against bad craftsmanship is to hire proven, certified and trusted wood floor installers.

We are a trusted name in the wood floor installation business. We deliver high quality installations at an affordable price. Custom installation of hardwood flooring, sanding and polishing your old wood flooring, or even handling intricate designs- we do it all. All our employees are trained to give you the best solution possible, ensuring that you get finished flooring which is aesthetic too look at and lasts for a long time. The appreciation you get from your family and friends is only a bonus. Sometimes it’s good to be a Wood Flooring NY expert.

The bigger Flooring Service NYC companies do not take on smaller home contracts. For us no job is big or small. We ensure that small home owners get the best value for their money irrespective of the size of the contract. To get you the best service possible we collaborate with architects, interior designers, electricians, plumbers and of course you. This ensures that every job is completed in an aesthetic manner and does not cause any damage to your plumbing or wiring. Our employees are insured fully too.  No leaving behind litter and wood shavings, our em0ployees clean up before they go.

Most Wood Flooring NY providers have some trainee craftsmen working on their payroll. We hire only the best. Each of our wood floor installation experts goes through many hours of training before they are allowed to take on any assignment. They are insured and certified too. Top class service every time. No cost escalations or project delays. Cost pre-estimates provided at the beginning of the project itself so that you know what it will cost you. No additional costs are incurred without your notice. We make sure that you are fully satisfied with our service before we bill you.

Wood floors made out of teak, mahogany, maple last a life time if you take care of it. When it comes to wood floors, moisture is a big NO. That is why it is necessary to polish and wipe moisture of your flooring daily. This is also why we procure material from the best suppliers in the business. Our rule is to provide you the best raw materials for your wood flooring. We do not supply from old stock which is of poor quality.

Do you need more information on how to keep your floor in perfect condition? Excellent! Ask our certified wood installers what kind of installation would best suit your home. They will guide you through various types of installations and help you choose from prefinished flooring or unfinished flooring, mahogany or maple and so on.

We provide prefinished flooring, unfinished solid wood flooring, prefinished engineered wood floors, parquet flooring and more. Choose from our huge range of wooden floors made of birch, mahogany, maple, oak, etc.  Come to us and get high quality installation at great prices.

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