You will be amazed what a fresh coat of paint could do to your house. And when the paint job is done by a professional you will hardly recognize your old house. No wonder there is a huge demand for NYC painters. ABI Contracting Corp is the recognized specialist when it comes to painting the interior and exterior of your house. With years of experience painting houses, condominiums, commercial complexes we know how to fulfill your aesthetic needs. Painting is no child’s play; such jobs should be trusted to professionals, unless you want surprises of the unpleasant kind.

It is a rare Painting contractor NYC who believes in making all the necessary prep-work before taking on a painting assignment. This is a mistake as there is no “one fix for all kinds of problem” when it comes to painting. The prep-work done by painter NY is insurance against a badly managed paint job that would spoil the ambiance of your room. The prep-work helps NYC Painters understand what the owner expects from the renovation. This insures against unpleasant surprise once the painting job is completed and reduces bickering over what supposed to have been done.  Color combination, style, finish all has to be taken into account before proceeding with the job. With many of years of experience in hospitality, commercial and residential projects we know how to ask the right questions, find the right solutions and procure the raw materials from the most reliable sources.

House painters NJ and NYC Painters are lucky to be in a profession that provides ample scope creative flourish. We are lucky too because we deal in beautiful glazes, stains, imprints as well as wallpapering. It is a great joy to see how beautiful imprints can be created on the wall by using different kinds of material. A simple glaze on top of a paint job can create a marvelous finish. Or you could use multiple layers of paint to impart a wonderful texture. Skill of this type is very difficult to master and only a master painter would have the skill-set to create a wonderful finish by applying multiple layers of paint.

We are different from other House Painters NJ and Painters NYC because our employees are courteous to all their customers and their prime focus is on quality at all times. Each job is taken on in a competent manner irrespective of the size of the project – a small house paint job is given as much attention as a major paint job of a multiplex or a commercial building. Moreover, we go the extra mile by following up with our customers to check that the services rendered were satisfactory. Our painters make it a point to clean up as they go removing litter from the site. Small gestures like these help us build a rapport with our customers.

We are proud of our policy, which is, no compromise on quality, attention to detail, immaculate prep-work and world class finishing. Our hard work and word of mouth publicity has helped us make new inroads in the consumer market.

Call us anytime for quotes on straight painting, repair work and general contracting, wall paper installation and removal, staining, airless spraying, power washing and many more highly recommended services. Our services are certified by the Environment Protection Agency which means that every time you take our services you take one step towards a better and greener planet.

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